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Programming Adventures


Since 2018 I have been working as an independent software engineer operating under my own Limited Company from beautiful South West London in the UK. If I'm not busy working with a client then I'm usually available for time- and/or project based contracts lasting for only a few days or up to multiple months. I offer a wide range of services which include, but are not limited to the ones listed below. If you would like to work together then please do not hesitate to contact me on dustin[at]dusted.codes.

Software Development

I can build a huge variety of web-based software. Having over a decade of product development experience, I can help you develop anything from an e-commerce website to a highly scalable backend system. I have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with all three major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and many other cutting edge technologies, such as Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless FaaS, distributed systems and many more. One of my defining qualities is that I'm extremely delivery focused, striking the right balance between building a feature rich product, meeting important project timelines and keeping development complexity low. As a result you can expect maximum value and minimal cost, thus ensuring a good return on investment.

Software Architecture

Good software architecture is not about drawing fancy UML diagrams, but about understanding the special requirements of a business, the unique needs of a software development department and the subtle expectations of a customer. By taking all these factors into account I can help you make smart technological choices and help you design (and implement) a flexible and future proof architecture.


Building, testing, releasing and monitoring cloud based applications has never been easier than today. However, DevOps is more than just a few buzz words and a bunch of YAML files. DevOps means that your teams have the control, permission, automation tools and the necessary sense of ownership to deal with any given problem of your IT infrastructure. It requires trust, technical leadership and well defined protocols to enable a successful DevOps culture in your organisation.

Whether you are still at the beginning of your DevOps journey or you're already familiar with the concepts, but looking for someone with experience to assist you with a specific problem, I can help you implement a powerful strategy and connect the dots between the Dev and the Ops. In the end you'll be able to measure the success by a reduction of maintenance cost and a regained greater focus on delivering customer value.


Software security is one of the most important aspects of our trade, and yet one of the most neglected areas by software development teams. It is a topic which is very dear to my heart, as it is the reason why I have become an engineer in the first place. Security is unlike any other topic in software development. Whilst most code problems can be solved by many possible solutions, it is the complete opposite when it comes down to software security. Usually there is only one, very specific and narrowly crafted path of robust security and a huge variety of otherwise wrong implementations which can leave severe attack vectors in your system.

Helping teams to implement secure solutions is something I've always enjoyed the most. I offer a variety of services, such as security code reviews, threat modelling your product, teaching defensive coding practices, implementing security related features or securely integrating third party systems with critical parts of your software.


I can provide personalised hands-on training on the following topics:

  • SOLID design patterns
  • Automation Testing
  • Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban)
  • Pair programming
  • Code reviews
  • F# for C# developers
  • .NET Core, ASP.NET Core and/or Giraffe
  • DevOps

Open Source Development

If your business heavily relies on one of my open source projects or you simply want to support the advancement of any of my open source work then you can hire me to work on a specific issue, expedite a feature or help you with a custom integration tailored to your needs.

For further information or to discuss any of my propositions please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or message me via dustin[at]dusted.codes.

I look forward to hearing from you!