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Hire Me

Since August 2018 I have been working as an independent software engineer operating under my own Limited Company from beautiful London, UK. If I'm not busy working with another client then I'm usually available for time- and/or project based contracts lasting between three to six months. I offer a wide range of services which include, but are not limited to the ones listed below. If you would like to work together then please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss further details.

Software Development

I can build a huge variety of web-based software. Having over a decade of product development experience, I can help you develop anything from an e-commerce website to a highly scalable backend system. I have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with all three major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and many other cutting edge technologies, such as Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless FaaS and many more. One of my defining qualities is that I'm extremely delivery focused, striking the right balance between building a feature rich product, meeting important project timelines and keeping development complexity low. As a result you can expect maximum value and minimal cost, thus ensuring a good return on investment.

Software Architecture

Good software architecture is not about drawing fancy UML diagrams, but about understanding the special requirements of a business, the unique needs of a software development department and the subtle expectations of a customer. By taking all these factors into account I can help you make smart technological choices and design (and implement) a flexible and future proof architecture.


Building, testing, releasing and monitoring cloud based applications has never been more exciting than today. Whether your DevOps implementation is just at the beginning, or you're already integrating with your existing processes, I can help you build a robust and reliable end-to-end delivery pipeline.

Trustworthy automation tests, a fully managed CI pipeline, secure and scalable infrastructure and easy to use system monitoring and application logs are only a few things which I will introduce to reduce maintenance cost and help you focus more on customer value.


Whether you would like to learn something entirely new without any prior knowledge or you'd like to refresh some old forgotten skills, I can provide personalised hands-on training on the following topics:

Open Source Development

If your business heavily relies on one of my open source projects or you simply want to support the cause of open source software then you can also hire me to work on one of my projects, expedite a feature or help with an integration.

For further information or to discuss any of my propositions please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or message me via the concat form below.