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Dustin Moris Gorski

Hi, welcome to my personal website, software development blog and dumping ground for all my bad ideas. I'm Dustin, a software engineer, entrepreneur and open source contributor who's originally from Vienna, Austria but living in the UK now.

Over the course of my career I've had the pleasure of working with a great wealth of different technologies for various sized companies, mainly operating in a very agile environment following Scrum or Kanban, using continuous integration and deployment and having all the joys and stresses of running mission critical production systems in most major cloud providers (AWS, Google and Azure). One of my past roles involved me to lead and manage a team of highly skilled engineers building large scale Facebook games for one of Europe's biggest gaming companies. It was experiences like these which have taught me a great deal about working efficiently with teams, collaborating productively with stakeholders and delivering projects to the satisfaction of customers and users. After almost 10 years in the corporate world, numerous battle scars and a growing appetite for a new adventure I finally threw the towel in 2017, packed my bags and decided to travel the world with my wife, collecting some of the best memories of our life. After one year we eventually came back to the UK, settled in London and set up my own business, allowing me to work on stuff which I enjoy the most. Today I maintain several open source projects in my spare time, take contract roles on the side whilst also trying to build my own start-up from the ground up.

If I'm not busy developing something for the web then I'm probably being more physically active (basketball, snowboarding, surfing, swimming), reading a book, watching stand-up comedy (Romesh, Micky, Rob, Kathbum and many others!) or simply travelling countries. I rarely watch telly (unless it's a David Attenborough nature documentary), love eating fine food (guilty of being a super fussy European) and totally addicted to coffee (I swear by my Sage Oracle and coffee beans organically sourced and roasted by Beanberry). Living and working in London also means that I get to spend a good amount of time exploring places and discovering new things to do in one of the world's greatest cities!

Dusted Codes

Dusted Codes is a blog which I've started in 2015 after finally convincing myself to put some of my thoughts and ideas into writing. On this blog I mostly write about web development topics with a strong focus on .NET Core, F#, C#, general programming practises, agile methodologies, tech trends and software security topics.

This blog has been built with one of my hobby projects called Giraffe (a functional ASP.NET Core web framework for F# developers) and is open sourced and publicly maintained on GitHub, where you can fork it, report a bug or submit a contribution.


All source code published on this blog is licensed under Apache v2.0.

All other content on this website, such as text, graphics, logos and images is the property of Dustin Moris Gorski.


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