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Dustin Moris Gorski

Hi, Welcome to my personal website, programming playground and software engineering blog! I'm Dustin, a software geek and developer originally from Vienna, Austria, but currently living in the UK for the last 5.94 years.

Currently I work as a server side developer at a global company in central London. I work with multiple teams across multiple time zones in a very agile environment. Even though I call myself a .NET developer I deal with a great variety of different technologies every day, which are not part of the Microsoft stack.

However, this website is not linked to my current employer and is entirely my own personal space, where I can share experiences, thoughts and ideas with other fellow developers who love programming just as much as I do.

What is Dusted Codes?

Early 2015 I started this blog as a little interesting and fun side project at home. Being impressed with the idea of GitHub Pages and Jekyll I wanted something similar in C# and .NET and eventually created this ASP.NET MVC blog engine myself.

Most of the time I blog about web development topics with a strong focus on C# and .NET, agile methologies, web security concerns, good practise patterns, tools and other general programming subjects.

This blog is an open source project on GitHub and runs in Windows Azure.

Feel free to fork it and create your own nerdy space in the world wide web!

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