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CircleCI build history charts and NuGet badges by Buildstats.info



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Quick update on Buildstats.info. Two weeks ago I added CircleCI to the list of supported CI systems for the build history chart and last weekend I implemented a new badge for NuGet packages too.

CircleCI is the third continuous integration system which is supported by the build history chart now. AppVeyor and TravisCI are the other two. If you have a public open source project which is built by one of those systems then you might want to check out the official documentation for the build history chart. Its quite cool and lets you create SVG badges like the one I did for my blog:

Build History Chart

On a complete separate note I also added a new SVG badge for NuGet packages.

I did not think of adding NuGet support in the beginning, but since Shields.io NuGet badges are broken for more than 2 weeks now I had to look for an alternative:

shields.io-broken-nuget-badges, Image by Dustin Moris Gorski

The issue has been reported, but it doesn't look like it will get fixed any time soon and so I went with my own solution.

For my personal projects I like to display the current version of my NuGet packages as well as the total number of downloads. With Shields.io I had to use two individual badges, but with Buildstats.info I can display both in one:

NuGet badge for Lanem

This is a first version which satisfied my own personal needs, but will likely expand over the next coming weeks providing more functionality for other users as well.

I have a few ideas, but if you are looking for something in particular then please feel free to file a feature request on the public GitHub repository.